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Defend Ur Rights
When a country is running out of money, why doesnt the head of a country just go to the mint and ask them to print some more notes and store them in a national safe of something?
Mac....of Moot And Mac
and which Country has the second largest oil reserves in the World, next to Saudi Arabia? You may be very surprised
I am a 46 year old Republican, well educated (an attorney) and I have always voted the party line for President, although I regret it with our current President. At present, the candidate I would like to say I respect the most and intend to vote for is Obama's due to his views on how to handle foreign policy and getting us out of Iraq, a civil war based on religion which will restart whether we stay 1, 5, or 20 years. As for his experience level the same can be said for Hillary who won in a state she had no ties to, which I disrespect as undermining the system. Obama has learned much in terms of foreign policy from my observations and anyone can surround themselves with the right people. My question and concern is "What are his economic theories, both for getting us out of these rough times, and then in general for running the US?" I have read conflicting reports. I want to vote for him but the wrong domestic policy in this climate could be a disaster. Thank you. Ozlaw
The democrats are blocking off shore drilling and the Republicans air blocking the clean energy bill.
Third rail (metaphor) from Wikipedia: phrase third rail is a metaphor in politics to denote an idea or topic that is so "charged" and "untouchable" that any politician or public official who dares to broach the subject would invariably suffer politically.-Opposing Israel or its policies-Raising taxes -Gun control legislation -Eliminating or radically social programs like social security or welfare-Reducing what we pay for military spending -Cutting funding for law enforcement -Abortion -Creating a National Identity Card -Legalization and taxation of controlled substances Cutting funding for the "War on Drugs" -Suggesting that race and crime are related -Suggesting that certain religions or faiths are closely tied with violence Which politicals "third rail(s)" MOST NEED to be addressed?
I'm looking for a fairly laid back, small dog who will fit in with our mature cats and be able to travel with us in our motor home. When we're at home in a rural setting, we have a fully fenced yard for the dog to run/play in but I see him/her as indoors most of the time. The dog and I will share walks of a mile or so every day.