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My puppy has what appears to be rice worms and I was looking for something to treat them without going to the vet.
Conservativeatheist it the user who used it in excess or the manufacturer or the FDC? I'm kind of scared of medications in general but now this is a bit worse. It makes me feel that I don't know what to trust or whom?
Amazing Guy
Tell me what hell on earth is for you. Not what the worst hell on earth might be, but specifically what it would be for YOU.
Mindy-qna-mvp you try to purchase fully ripe food and use it immediately?
What kind of sub and do you have any special requests in how you order it?I go to a sub shop that has fresh baked rolls and I order ham and swiss with lettuce, tomato, light onion, green pepper and plain olive oil for the mayo or miracle whip....If I want a hot sub I order a pizza sub with green pepper, onion, black olives, mushrooms and extra sauce and cheese.What is your favorite sub?