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when a guy opens and close doors for you
how do you boil a egg so the shell comes off with ease? mine keeps sticking to the egg, and the egg falls to pieces.
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I see too many people on talk shows who express an issue with a spouse who secretly indulged in homosexual behavior and ruined their marriage. While they are talking about what the spouse did, more often than not, they will just say "not that there's anything wrong with that." I so admire Carrie, the beauty queen, for speaking up and saying that she does not support gay marriage. However, the one thing I might have added, had I been her, was that the Holy Bible says that homosexuality is wrong according to God. And that, as a Christian, I stand by and wholeheartedly believe in and accept the word of God as truth according to Him. So many people are thinking the same as Carrie, but are afraid to speak up. But come voting time, they let their true feelings be known at the polls. Saying what you believe is not to be classified as hate talk!! This is America and freedom of speech is not just for gays and's for all Americans!!
all type is displayed as italic for any document I open or any web page I go to. They print correct but the display is always italic.