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Eye Candy discovered the joy of cooking with Pepsi which inspired this question. My favorite is cooking (well mostly eating) things made with beer. A cheesecake made with Guinness was the most yummy one I've ever had.
I am not much of a chef when it comes to cooking meats. How long do you cook these for an at what tempature? I love how they say to an internal tempature of xxx. I have no way to measure that. Even if I did I don't think I could stick a temperature guage into a small piece of meat such as these.
Tags: cooking
I once had this recipe. Does anyone else have one and explain the what ingredients are added other than the blackberries?
I'm looking for a free online cooking class. Many sites say their free, but their BOGUS! I thought the internet was suppose to offer free information on everything. I haven't seen anything free on here in years! I guess the world is full of so much GREED now! that's so sad !
I was confused for a while about this one, and have posted related questions here, trying to sort it out. It finally sunk in, that here, we do not say "barbeque" to mean cooking out. We "grill". To barbeque here means to drench something in barbeque sauce and then to possibly grill it, or not... Now I wonder if there are other expressions meant to convey the same??
My serious relationships were with guys who loved to cook and were good at it too. Is this the norm now? A little bit of me feels old-fashioned and wants to cook for my man, but mostly I enjoy dinner more when I don't have to make it!!!