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I'm just wondering why some meat foods say that. Don't the microwaves kill off any bacteria after a while and make the meat safe to eat?What would be wrong with microwaving meaty food which states that on the label compared to its directed cooking method of convection or grill?
If so what did you make, and was it successful?
Tags: cooking
Delia Smith, who I used to respect, has a new series on TV dedicated specifically to frozen or ready-made meals.Seriously, she's actually showing people how to cook ready-made meals. What do you think of this?
Don't have enough of either.. can I mix them together?
I'm trying to find giner flower, or ginger bud, or some even call it torch ginger flower, too cook a specialty Asian dish. I can't seem to find it in Uwajimaya, has anyone ever seen these sold in Seattle? The Malay name for this flower is "bunga kantan"