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Be here in 4 and a half hours! (3:30 EDT) Bring corn. I have red potatoes and brewed iced tea, and fresh string beans. I have no corn. The ribs are cooking in BBQ sauce.
Tags: cooking
Have to cook steak in a skillet and then keep it warm for awhile. I assume I should just put it in the oven for that period of time, but what temperature should I set the oven at? It's a beef tenderloin, if that matters.
Tags: cooking
I was wondering if you always have to use the lemongrass fresh or can you dry it? If so how do you do that?
i'm baking chicken for dinner tonight. if i don't take the skin from the chicken i usually bake it until it is crispy at 350*. i was wondering if this eliminates all, most, or some of the cholesterol in the skin?