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my girl can cook but i just prefer to do my own cooking. i use alot of different spices and marinates. my girl is a salt and pepper, Cajun spice person. she don't like to experiment much with her foods.
I wasn't paying attention while I was cooking chicken breasts in a skillet. When they were about half-way done, (somewhat done on the outside, but still raw on the inside).... I began cutting them up in little pieces....and I continued cutting with the same knife until after they were done. Is this bad? Should I not take a chance and just toss them? Thanks all.
The food doesn't look the way it does on TV when I do it. It tastes okay but I think I need to hire a food stylist to get the look just right.
Hi guys, i'm looking forward to join a forum 'especially' on cooking,recipes and food, both indian and international recipes. Which are mosthappening forums tat r visited very often?? and very good?gimme the links of the forums you like on international recipes, cooking and food.