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Tags: cooking
Is there anything I can add to a dark meat chicken leg to make it taste good besides BBQ sauce?
How would you answer this? Would you know what I meant?
I just had a sausage sandwich with cheese.
Tags: cooking
What is the relationship between the quality of your cookware and the quality of the foods you prepare with them?
Tags: cooking
hey all,i offered to cook my girlfriend a multi-course meal for our anniversary, something different and i enjoy cooking. i'm no "ultimate chef", nor have much experience outside of steaks and spagetti.i'm thinking a salad (she loves salads), a soup, main course (involving chicken, that's her favorite meat), drinks (anything but wine, she doesn't like alcoholic beverages, so I'll probably make green tea for her), and a desert of some kind.what are some of your favorite recipies in these areas? i'd like to find meals that strike a balance between taste, quality, and ease of preparation.
The Stacks restuarant at the Mirage casino in Las Vegas have rocks that they cook on they are black and polished i would like to know what rocks are those or at least what rocks can i use to cook on?