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At this bakery that I've gone to, they have the best cookies. They are chocolate chip, with chocolate drizzled on top, and than in the middle of the cookies is fudge. Anyone know the recipe for it?
Whiter Than God
my step daughter is diabetic and i would like to see her eat desert
My family and I are snowed in today. And I think it would be fun to make cookies. But I don't have any vanilla or flour. But i do have bisquick, eggs, sugar, oil, peanut butter and coca powder. Any idea with that?Thanks
Tags: cookies
Not sure about this baking stuff. Maybe I need to get outta the kitchen.
I've tried to allow them through, tools, internet accesss, settings, but no matter what I set it to, it never changes. My browser goes to live log in and then redirects to run once, that page gets errors so I can't make changes there either. Any help on this would be great.
I found some sleezy cookies on our downstairs computer. I confronted the person and they said it was there from a long time ago probably. But the cookies are under a quarantine file from 12/06. There is Ad-ware on the pc downstairs. I should say the file was created in December of 06. How is a file created? Would the person have to create it. They say they had no idea those files were on there. But I think its a bunch of bs. Any info from a computer whiz would be helpful. The accused is very knowledgable about computers. To be clear, I found cookies in the ad ware software that were from porn sites.