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Every time that I mention the fact that scientific research has concluded that our human population in the world is excessive and growing by the second, that this fact is greatly contributing to our environmental problems, etc., and that, therefore, we need to control how many children we have (one or none), people get really offended and defensive. Why is that?
I just broke the remote control of my Sony DVD player. Is there any place where I can buy just the remote control?
Am thinking about purchasing a particular piece of furniture to serve as a TV stand but... the cable box and DVD player will need to go below the TV, inside this wood cabinet. There would be no line of sight between the cable box and DVD player and the remote controls that we use to change and control these devices with... So basically, there's no line of sight visible from outside this unit to the set top boxes we need to use wtih the television with the doors to the unit closed (and I wouldn't want to leave the doors to these units open if I didn't have to).Do you think our normal cable and DVD remote controls would still function and work properly when transmitting to the devices through a solid cabinet door?
I am trying to find out the laws for having dogs in San Bernadino County and the city of Ontario CA
I read some comments and some answers that made me wonder about stereotypes that we have of other people, and if many, or any are based in fact.Does being strongly for or against one of them, predispose to you toward feeling the same way about one (or more) of the others?NDwind's Q inspired this Q...​4CC7