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Red Dragon
Please give me statistics to back up the points. I need long answers. For debate purpose.
The value of the dollar is decreasing and things are getting expensive.... with the nation jacking up minimum wage and small businesses taking it in the you know what to have to pay more for keeping their help or closing down cause they can't afford to pay their employees. How does the value of the dollar dercrease and what can we do to help make it more valuable? It sounds like were going into a recession....
Im wondering what percentage of America's GDP consist of sales from major companys? Microsoft, Apple, EA or any other finace/pharaceutical companys you may know of...
Joshua Cromer
I would build more housing for families with children, and scholarships for single parents trying to improve their lives and that of their children. I'd also provide food vouchers to pass out on the street so that the needy wouldn't need to beg for food...
Need Help
Contribution of school going child studying in Class seven
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Take this survey and grade yourself? How did you do, honestly?
OK. Cows breathe out methane (the #1 global warming contributor). Now we have 7 billion people (instead of 2 billion post WWII), which means we've been farming and consuming about 3.5 times of cows.What should we do about Cows? -- Should we cut the demand for cow meat, cow leather, cow milk ("COWLESS" Diet/Consumption), in order to cut the supply of cow farming? How do we do that practically?-- Or should we invent "HYBRID COWs" (according to Jay Leno)? -- What the heck are hybrid cows and how do we farm/consume them affordingly?Any constructive suggestions regarding COWs that is postively against Global Warming is hihgly appreciated. ;)
I earn less than the Roth IRA cut-off for 2008 of 101,000 so I want to know if I can contribute to that as well as my company sponsored Roth 401K. And I know my employer match has to be made on a pre-tax basis but I can make my contributions post-tax basis.