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I bought this laptop to take on vacation so I could work and check out my internet accounts. I don't know if I want to own one, and may take it back.Is there a provider that I can access wireless without the contract...something reasonable that I can prepay.I'm flying out tomorrow, and really would like to know soon.Thanks!D
that when i renew i have some idea of good phone choices and bad phone choices...are blackberries a good idea? what model have you found to be the best?what models have good calendaring? and alarms?i like to download ringtones, and also record my own......oh, and i want something easy to text from.......and one that accepts a simcard would be really, really nice..........please let me know about any phone models that you would never, ever get again!!
INDIVIDUAL plan, just need the phone with or without a camera, no fancy schmancy stuff :)
I have t-mobile contract. I want to access the internet, mainly to trade equities on Ameritrade. What model phone is best for accessing the web through your cell phone plan, and why. Thanks.
more than a year to go with Verizon. I understand with the iphone, you have to sign a contract with AT & T for two years. Does anyone know there is a way to get out of a contract without paying a penalty?