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if i set the setting to MaxDVMT (instead of to 64 or 128 MB), does it mean that 224 MB of memory is forcibly (i.e. dedicated) allotted to graphics (and not available to applications), or does it mean that GPU can potentially utilise maximum possible memory that is supported by its hardware- i.e. 224 MB (in my case)? if its the former case, it would be bad since rigidly allotting memory is just was DVMT was designed to curb. anyone is sure about what happens?
Apple Nerd
I have found information on how to modify context menus when you right click on files or folders, but I am unable to find anything on how to add items to the context menu that pops up when I right click inside a window.
I had Ati Catalyst Control Center installed with my video card drivers. Now I've uninstalled it, but the entry in the context menu remains. How can I remove it?