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will be in it??? not all of the people are in my contact list!!! so i cant send an email to all people so can you help me here please as i will be re-starting it tomorow, i hope to get it done before the 20th but i cant promise it I want to appologise for the wait ive been ill and getting headaches in which i have to see a specialist in 12 days time..... this is why i say i might not be able to do it in time before the 20th....... so any ideas as to how i notify all those that will be in this painting!!! peace be with you always and thankyou for all the help people have given me in the past few years i have been here i really appreciate it!!!! peace be with you always if you want to know what the painting is here is the link​C76A&ctx=Browse.aspx%3ftag%3dqna%2bpainting%26&pUrl=Search.asp​x%3ftag%3dqna%2bpainting%26c0%3dAAI%3d%26c1%3dAAg%3d%26page%3d1%26d%3d​EAXVyQ%3d%3d
A friend is having trouble with his norton and it won't let him get online to get in contact with norton support. is there a phone number he can call?
I wanna print a picture that a friend has it as a contact card on msn messenger, does anyone knows how pls....
I want to get an answer (in exchange for a question, of course) from a real QnA team member.How do I do that??:)
Tags: contact
On 1 PC, the "Find a Contact" search box searches Contacts. On another PC, the same "Find a Contact" box searches people in the Global Address List. I want to change the 1st one to search the GAL rather than Contacts. Can anyone tell me how/where to do that?thank you.