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Through this Free Online service, I would like to give free advises, ideas, resources, etc.The Free Online Business Management Consulting Service includes: Management, Accounting, Taxation, Human Resources, Financial System, and possibly other relevant subjects.Any good suggestion is much appreciated.
My husband has recently decided to begin his Statistical Consulting career and I've been helping him get noticed. I've done up his website and began getting his site posted in directories. He's gotten two clients from other states already! I'm wondering what else I can do to help get his business out there? and possibly advertising in business journals....any thoughts? Preferrably inexpensive ideas..
A family member needs some assistance around starting up a consulting business. Wasn't sure of where to start advising here so was wondering if any folks on QnA have tips or information based on personal experiences to share... Does he need to open an LLC? Does he need formal legal contracts to be drawn up by a lawyer? What are the risks and learned lessons I need to warn him about here? Any links or references for more information are truly appreciated!! Thanks!