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We're in the process of selling our house... and potential buyers want to know who the builder(s) were. I found it... but cannot find any information on them. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
when he came back he didn't buy lunch but bought $20.00 worth of cigarettes. At quitting time he didn't have and money for gas, I gave him $10.00, I feel a bit used. What do you think?
a new truck for construction. It's going to be his truck to drive. The idiot spent $17,000. on a Chevy Colorado that is lowered and has performance wheels and tires and a stereo with multi CD. He's found that after 6 hours of work that it won't haul anything, won't carry enough people and he can't get it onto a job site because it hits the ground. He loves it though. What should I do?
worker i'm afraid. He was asked to paint a room, we gave him 2 gallons (which was plenty) to paint this room. He spent 6 hours painting it. When asked why it took him twice as long as it should have he said that that's how union painters paint. They use 2 thin coats instead of 1 think coat. We tried to explain the hour cost difference to him. Do you think he understood? How long do you think we should keep him around?