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Will attorney General "Alberto Gonzales" be charges with Sedition, Treason & Conspiracy to Torture US Citizen's with malice and forethought depriving them of their rights violating both the letter or the spirit of the laws of the United States. Obama: CIA interrogators won't face chargesBy Richard Wolf and Peter Eisler, USA TODAY​??.htmInterrogation Memos Detail Harsh Tactics by the C.I.A. By MARK MAZZETTI and SCOTT SHANE Published: April 16, 2009,. New York Times​??pwCIA Memos Released; Immunity for Harsh Tactics By SIOBHAN GORMAN and EVAN PEREZ,. Dow Jones & Company, Inc
Indian Intellectuals were in the hotels where the atrocities happened just days before going public to show evidence of false flag operations in India. Coincidence or what?Read:
It always comes on even after i take it to get a full tune up and its running beautifully then about 2 days later the damm light comes back on.