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One Twisted Child
While we know that inflation is not directly controlled by the government whereas taxation is, the government does have a hand in shaping the determining factors which bring about it's rapid increases.Are the two interlinked?Do you believe an increase/decrease in taxation influences the rate of inflation in any tangible way?Is there any one entity that should bear the brunt of the blame for any increases in inflation?
Above 4 miles the air it too thin. And below about 1 mile the earth gets too warm. When you consider the overall size of the earth (about 8,000 miles in diameter), humans are really confined to a very narrow band near the surface. Sort of like bacteria on human skin!
Example: I bought some creole seasoning yesterday and the serving size is 1/4 teaspoon, so that has 310mg of sodium in it. Is that too much? I'm not exactly on a 'diet'. But I am trying to eat better. What do you think?
There are foods that are considered highly nutritious and highly recommended for our diet. What foods do you know would qualify as a SuperFood?
My friend doesn't eat garlic or onion but can eat dairy products. Is there a term for the Buddhism diet?