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I have a face book and a Myspace and also a HI5 and even a U-Tube account and also Our Dearest ' David's Microsoft Program managers group. If you want to be on my Friends list and aren't yet....Hey let me know, either here , so I can invite you or go ahead and invite me! Take care have fun and an awesome Summer! I always have answered my messages...It might take some time though if I'm away or blocked in with work, etc....But you are Special and I am here for prayer, and compassion, understanding and even assistance on accessing help in about most situations! Or just Chat! ;))Blessings!?((HUGZ)) XO CE???
A-mouseB-fax machineC-browserD-CD-ROM
At present there are 20 pc's connected to a router and a 24 port switch, will the network run better if the 24 port switch was replaced by two 16 port switches, and then connect 10 pc's on each switch. The problem is when all computers are working and all playing Call of Duty 2 sometimes the computers stall.Also to avoid network congestion would it also be better to have two networks and 2 routers, 10 pcs one each router and 16 port switch and bridging the two networks together?
n has been changed by a Host". Then the P/C starts loooking for a new IP address, finds it and AOL comes back on. This happens 5/6 times per use of AOL and not as often on Firefox.
How do you think that could be achievable? u will need a portable device and wireless connectivity. Should the internet be free?
like it was dialing like a phone now i have it fixed it makes the nosie is there a way to make the phone dialing nosie stop
I connected an external harddrive to my USB port and it keeps chattering. It's very slow to open files and Microsoft Plug and Play has a hard time seeing it.Do I need to install a better driver and how do I figure out which one to use?
The computer recognizes the DSL connection. The modem works fine for this computer. No browsers I use work. Keeps saying it's a DNS Error!
i m confused is it : host/workstation/client pc or server pc?