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On a daily basis I have to type in \\pos2\local on my \\pos1 computer, I then have to login to \\pos2\local with the username administrator and a blank password. Is there a way I can automate this?
Blood And Sugar
i have one linext installed computer and 2 windows 98 installed computers , i want to run linex in both win98 computers thru networking.can it possible
I received a Linksys wireless broadband router for Christmas, set it up exactly according to the instructions on the CD, and entered the correct information when prompted, and it's coming up that it can't connect to the Internet.
I have a THinkpad Lenovo tablet pc. And a ppc 6700 phone, that i can connect to the internet with. I can connect it to my laptop via usb cord, and i think it can be done, im just not sure how. Any suggestions?
i have an hp 3400c scan jet and wish to connect it to my current compaq computer
cant get my hotmail account to work on outlook 2003 on my laptop, my home computer works fine and i checked all possible passwords
I recently formatted my hd, installing Kubuntu 6.10 on one partition and Windows XP on the other. I installed all the CDs Dell gave me in XP, and then tried to connect to the Internet. For some reason, I can't! I use Optimum, and the CD they gave me told me that I didn't have the right driver installed. What's funny is that Kubuntu connects just fine. Anyone know why?
cant seem to find my lan...of course this is an old ibm thinkpad 775 se...and keeps asking for a dial-up but i have dsl??
I get a very good connection both ways but can't do anything. Tried everything I could think of,turning off firewalls making sure everything was enable and totally frustrating myself. Everything else seems to work but just can't browse or email I get timeouts when looking for either server