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No Name
Isn't addiction to heroin terrorizing to the addict, their families and all of us that are affected by the criminality that goes with supporting such a habit?
My soon to be wife had an after party at our house after her bachelorette party. I was present and some of the younger guys were really drunk and one of them lightly smacked her butt and tried to play fight with her when it happened. I have not seen that behavior since I rescued her 3 years ago. My opinion is that she could not read his energy since he was intoxicated and she was just defending herself and her family. What do you think? No harm done. Just a little confused.
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Sometimes it doesn't have to be with someone you know really well either. This is boggling. Is there an unspoken chemistry or what is it?
There are studies done on cell phones, wireless connections for the internet, cordless phones, microwaves, and a huge variety of other products.They indicate all kinds of problems that these products are suspected to cause.Do you think that these concerns are valid and what do you do about these reports?
Ken Dd
He has had allergies before and usually just sneezes. We haven't seen the watering eye before. He doesn't seem to be in pain or any other discomfort except for the watering.
I know it bit him because he was swatting at his mouth. I was able to get it away from him before he ate it! I am keeping a close eye on him. It happened about 20 minutes ago, and he ate dinner just fine. Just wondering if I should take him to the Vet or just keep watching him?
pregnant cuz there are a lot of cats roaming around our nieghborhood. We want the cat just not any more. What can we do, besides nudering cuz that may be a lil too late.
I have 1998 New Beetle diesel and am considering trying out B20 or B99 biodiesel. I have read that this will clean out any deposits in the system and I will likely have to change out the fuel filters. What I am wondering is how quickly I can expect to have to replace the filters, what should I look for in terms of signs that the filters are starting to clog, and given the possible expense and not knowing if there are any of the lines I will need to change out is this something I should even be considering. If anyone else has experience with switching over to biodiesel on an older car and would share how it went for them it would be appreciated.