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basically what i am asking is that like we can tranfer data between two computers using cat-5 crossover cable if both machines have ethernet port. is the same possible if both machines have wi-fi cards- so that some kind of direct wireless connection can be made between two machines and data transfer can take place just like with cable. is yes, how to do it, and what will be its distance (range)
is it hard to network for two comp. 1 desktop 1 laptop??
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Old Guy
Windows briefcase only works half the time, usually I get file in use messages... or i can't get an office product to save a new file in the briefcase for some reason. ideally I would like to find a program that automatically syncs when the laptop gets into range of my wireless network.thanks
Certain remote computers try and access the sbs server and it gives an error message stating that the zone settings in your zone prohibit active x from running. Can anyone help with this issue? Is it a problem with my sbs certificate or is at a problem on my remote computer?
how are dell computers made
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I've been thinking of buying an iMac but still don't understand this one aspect of it's hardware:I have always used high end graphic cards on my PC to insure stable system performance and multitasking operations. iMacs come with extremely archaique, lamentable and low end cards. I have read that because of the way Apple OS uses hardware differently from windows that it can do more with a lesser graphics card. Is this true?
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