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It seems that Microsoft Windows has been the only OS that widely used for 99% of desktop and laptop computers. Why we don’t have any other competitive operating system? Is it because there’s no investment? or is there’s some other reason?
I hate Apple and have always looked down on them for crapping on the competition. And I have always praised Microsoft for not making fun of the competition. I always thought they knew the competition was there, but they didn't care; everyone sells their own products and no problems. I only ask this because I found the Get The Facts Site for Windows Server(, and they where saying how much better Windows Server is over Linux. I personally am very upset by this. I know it is weird, but Microsoft has done the exact opposite of what I like in a company. Am I right on this? Is Microsoft always like this and I just never see it, or is this a one time thing and Microsoft isn't trying to poke fun at Linux, just give the facts?
After reading this give us your thoughts.​microsoft_store
what is the minimum profit margin that should be acceptible in a business? how much should go back into the company and how much should become owners equity? stated in percentages