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of the two tunneling protocals can anyone provide a comparison of the features for each of these protocals
About 2 months ago my kid starting throwing up every time after eating. Nothing has changed in the diet. Only a new school assignment as field commander for the band. Doesn't seem to be nerves, so somehow I suspect it's self induced for weight control. Been to the doc's and are awaiting blood results. Anyone?
im finally beginning to bug my parents about getting me a cell phone,but i want to go in prepared. i have good reasons why i should get aphone, but i have no info on the phones themselves. im not reallylooking for anything specific, just something that isnt terriblyexpensive and gets internet access (for IM'ing, surfing, etc.). also, ihad a website in my favorites on my laptop that would let you navigatethrough make and model of cell phones and give you all kinds of specson it (price, functionality, etc) and i lost the link. if someone canprovide me with this link, i would really appreate it. thanks inadvance.
Please tell me the speeds forComcast (I know it is 1 mbps-6mbps download)T1 ($300)T3 ($3500)And OC3 ($3500)Haha OC48 cost 60000 dollars a month but is 2.5 gigs.