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to the drugs used in the 60's and 70's? Are we just more "aware"? Or are the illegal drugs of today that much worse?
Despite having an automated litter box that I change rarely they are still oderous and still get things(dessicant crystals and bacteria) from the litterbox on thier feet. I love my cats but it's offuly hard to counter those true statements when compared to dogs cleanliness(they stink too unlessed bathed manually).
note are referred to as?A-nonrequest exemplarsB-corpora delictiC-questioned documentsD-locator evidence
Hmmmm.......Do we really exist? What exactly are we? Where in oneself does one find identity? Hmmmm?
I just Installed Ubuntu on my PC and I want to know if there is a Photoshop version for linux and if Gimpshop is a good open source software to create graphic designs in comparison to photoshop
printed commercially? Besides smearing when subjected to moisture, are there any other factors to keep in mind (fade resistance, etc.)?
Soulful Poems
I'm not sure whether it's worth the premium to get a gigabit ethernet router. I'll also have to buy a network card for my computer as it only has 100mbps, not 1000.