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Umais Hussain
Right now, I have to find a printer I like on a review site (like CNET, or PCWorld) and then find the detailed specs of the printer and then realize it doesn't print on paper that is thick enough for my liking. Is there an easier way? For me, I'd love a ranking of printers by paper input thickness.
Miss Annie
MS-WORD has an option of compare and merge.I would like to know the API,INTERFACES used by WINDOWS to built this option
What is the difference between INTEL HT Technology and Core Duo Technology?
I mentioned the Gear6 Ram based storage system in a forum discussion. SL avatar Malachi Petunia says that he used a comparable device called a "Network Appliance" back in 1994. I say no way. The Gear6 is is 250Gigs of ram, or 500Gigs, depending on price. I'll wage the Network Appliances system back in 1994 was a bunch of hard disks with no more than 5 Gigs or ram as cache, and was only a tenth as fast as a Gear6, if that. However, I have no facts to back up my hunch. Can you help?