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I know several people to whom this has happened and they were very upset even though they are working on company computers.
I am looking for the names of companies that provide the certification tools for Microsoft Office, not the training.
Just wondering if companies count on the consumer not sending in the rebate form and collecting on the rebate, My daughter bought a new computer with a rebate and I followed the steps in making copies of the receipt and cutting out the box section and mailing it off, I even put extra postage to be sure, I got a letter back stating that the copy of the receipt was missing, and that's just bull.... are they counting on me not following the steps AGAIN to collect the rebate?
My Compaq Pentium computer is extremely slow. I use ZoneAlarm which blocks spyware and viruses. I routinely delete cookies, temp files, and unneeded files and programs. I last defragged 3 weeks ago. What next? How can I find an expert to investigate further and fix this problem?
I'm a programmer. Every company I've worked for has required programmers to include a copyright statement in the header block of every source code file. What is this for? I can guess it has to do with protecting intellectual property in the even that the code goes outside the company, but what about internal apps? That code will probably NEVER leave the premesis.
What seems to be the norm these days, is a game will be released, totally bug-ridden, then a patch is released a few months later to fix the problems, so why are they released at all when they are not yet ready?I finally got my hands on a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC, the whole bloody 14GB, a game I've been waiting 4 years to play, when I installed it, my computer broke, now it won't bloody start, all I get is 3 beeps, nothing else, no matter what I do, I can't get my computer to start. I find out that the game is causing others severe problems with their computers too, why the hell do they treat PC gamers like this?Sorry to moan, I'm just angry that I have a computer sitting there and I can't even use it, UUUGGGGGHHH!!!!
My cell phone jumped from 65.00 a month to 180.00 this month because rules have changed. Mobile to mobile for instance (even tho free when signed on), is not free if they don't have a tower close and you get you call in using someone elses. They charge now for call waiting. What the heck? How can I get outof this contract?
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