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That's just plain nasty. (Large trucking company in Chicago laid off a bunch of drivers on Friday. They closed the division.)
Brett the last time they were profiting that much was in the 70's..... wasn't there an "oil crisis" then....?
Is there any real benefit that can be had from exploring space? Is there any profit that can be had for corporations in space exploration?
Would you believe that for every six dollars the federal government received in 2007, Exxon Mobil received one? Exxons Mobil's revenue in 2007 was 16.81% of what the U.S. government received from all sources, individual income tax, corporate income tax, social security and medicaid/medicare receipts, excises tax, customs duties, gift tax and all other taxes.Source:​US%3aXOMSource: MSN money source contains links for 10K, 10G and all required financial statements.That makes Exxon Mobil larger in revenues than most countries. It kind of makes you wonder what they spent most of that $404.55 Billion they received in 2007 on.??????
Terror Ate My Freedom
Did you know when Microsoft, Yahoo and google were trying to get into the chinese market they catered to the governments requests and blocked sensitive information, such as Tiananmen Square, if you google it in China you get three pages of pictures of the square, but nothing about the slaughter that occurred there, how does this make you feel?, I find it disturbing that to get business they would help oppress a people.
For example, recommendations for top-level structure and features to first make available to users, recommended site structure, etc.
will start letting people work online at home? Some jobs are mostly computer oriented, and many could be done at home, with perhaps a once a week in-office consult. Productivity could easily be tracked. Some jobs that could be done at home are engineering/drafting, accounting/posting, transcribing all kinds of things. A little imagination might make at-home work feasible, and even save companies money in the long run... less office space needed, for instance. Any ideas or suggestions?
good credit scores. They are attempting to recoup monies they lost through GREED in their predatory lending practices that now have us mired in this economic mess. Here again is a case of American Corporation greediness in it's finest hour.