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Tangent Bill
I am 31yrs old and I am tall and good looking(though I need to lose a little weight). I am friendly and intelligent. However, I have mild schizophrenia and I don't have a job or a car currently. I am on disability, but I plan on working again soon and getting off of disability.
Tangent Bill
I am a 31yr old guy, tall, good looking. On disability, no car or job, but looking for part-time work. I have mild schizophrenia, but I don't think anyone can tell that I have it. Want to finish college and be a Bible teacher at a Christian high school. I've tried two different singles websites, met a few women, but I keep getting rejected. Why do I keep getting rejected??
I thought he would give Hillary a run for her money, but... here is the link to the whole speech.
Live QnA is an English-only sight. Fine. Yet, I'm still wondering several things: 1) how "far" are we from automatic translators in any language on sites such as this? I.e. the tech. exists, right? Is it a matter of expense? 2) Would the existing QnA "community" WANT to be more available to speakers of any language? (I would.) 3) How many here think having an auto-translate feature would be cool?! and would actually be a safe way to be more open... {At this pt, I'm thinking philosophically re culture in USA-- isn't knowledge one of the best ways to increase our safety in the world???? I'll probably have to divide this Q into 3 Q's, anyway.....main Q is: Does auto-translate tech exist yet?
..."the firefighters and residents found the two-year-old tied by the hands underneath a tree in a dark section of the premises which once housed kennels.""Ledford's neighbours are pointing to what they claim were two years of abuse of the child and one bad decision by the police which thwarted their efforts to save the baby born with a physical deformity. "We see the little baby girl naked and eating her own filth and we take her to the Denham Town Police Station, but the police returned her to her grandmother who took her back home,"