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Tags: coming
I am thinking in terms of people actually being motivated to find a way for the US to not be so dependent or foreign oil, the implementation of more methanol, the fact that farmers now have a product to make money with,and other things like that. Anyone care to point something out? I'm not interested in hearing about how freedom is better for the Iraqi people or other debatable topics.
Orange Manta
it's for earth day to save the light bulbs and all
Chicago Lady
Flowers are my passion, but I also enjoy growing herbs and some vegetables. What are your favorite plantings??
Its the one where these guys date this woman named New York and they live with her (I know, vague description but the answer is all that matters).
Trailer here :!636D88808B4C3E20!112.entry
I want to know when it will be coming into stores - or if it came already. (I don't think so, but who knows!) Also, does anyone know when brooklyn public library is getting it in? Thanks in advance for your help!
Bargain Seeker
I am glad i didnt buy an HD DVD player but any chance it can come back? Although i know Toshiba announced that it is stopping active development on HD DVD :(
I see Amazon US already sells the DVD and I know it has already been shown once at the BFI Southbank in London but so far I can't find it to buy as a PAL release. Are they waiting to do an English dub? Has one already been done? I'm sure it must be coming out seeing as all of his other stuff has been.So does anyone know when?