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Awfully Concerned Citizen
My grandmother has the Ecko lifetime plan and needs some replacement parts for her pots and pans. She can't find the papers that came with her purchase.We've searched online, but can only find retailers that carry it, not the official site. Any suggestions?
I have some famlies that are still wearing summer and spring clothing who are in need of clothing. The cloths the shelter offered them was not suitable, I need some resources to tell me where they can go to get clothing for free.
I am searching for mailing list of giftshops and clothing or accessaries shops in Chicago,Il for the trade show.Don't have much time. I would like to know what website I can check on those list.
I've spent over $3,200 dollars for clothing that can't be worn. I want to have a piece of clothing that my pet can actually wear.
I would like someone to design clothing for the growing populace. Not just the rotund ones, but the taller sort. I can get plenty of shirts with a 56" chest, but they all stop at my bellybutton. I need pants that are 48" waist and a 36" length. There are plenty of 36" length.... in a 40" waist, and plenty of 48-56" waists..... with a 26-30" length.Please save me from a life of extra-large half-shirts and giant man-capris!