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who is with me for beating the record!!!!!i THINK IT WAS 100 PASS THE WORD THE ALONG,,, LET GET OVER !%) ANSWERS TO THIS QUEST!!!
I came back to say a formal farewell to a site which was my home for years..I posted a brief note in the cafe, I really should be studying ..But I had to say thanks for all the memories and good times..I wish you all the best in life and want to formally apologize for not being in contact..School has become my life for now..I will attempt to stay in touch. Like Jimi Hendrix said" If I don't see you no more in this world, see you in the next one..Don't be late". Be blessed all of you..Oh and ROCK ON!
Can you post some questions...give her something to answer? :-))
What site are you going to head off to? Any suggestions?
I was just wondering if we will see the final answers and comments, or will it all be gone immediately? Will there still be a voting period? i realize that it does not really matter. I was just wondering.
As soon as I hit download on hotmail/msn attachment, the tab in IE7.0 closes with message that there is a connection problen when there is not (run diagnostic test). Please help.
Should I go and ask for my money back on the insurance I purchased for my computer?