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Tej Prasad
Some people just can't see the connection. Do you?Six BILLION people do have an impact on the planet.Scientists agree the Earth's climate is being directly affected by human activity, and for many people around the world, these changes are having negative effects. Records show that 11 of the last 12 years were among the 12 warmest on record worldwide. Be Part of the
how will it affect? pls give me website url also. thks a lot.
Chi Chi, The Bad-assed Afro-kitty
The facts are:There is no "scientific consensus" on the cause of global warming.The Earth has been much warmer in the past and we all did just fine. In fact, the warmer period during the middle ages is called the "climate optimum" because of all the good it did for humans.
how could the climate affect the growth of the population?
Many think climate change is real and we better pay attention. Others think the entire thing is an elaborate drawn out hoax. What do you think?
1.wet winter, dry summer;marine climate2.mild and moist; in the summer; cold winter; trees; loose leaves during autumn4.cold winters;grasses, flowers and bushes grow during the short growing; high grasses but few trees6.warm summer, cold winter;; trees may be "evergreens" summer, mild winter; wet; lots of plant growth
As humans, we only produce a small percentage of the greenhouse gases, so even if we did change our energy sources we can't stop it.And furthermore, Global Warming is Earth's habit repeating itself every few millennia.
It appears to be a way in which governments can get us to pay more for our fuel, electricity, and water. It has created a whole new industry called "carbon trading"