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OK, so I tried to play the system a little yet again [ok a lot]. I may be ruining my reputation at work before I leave. I didn't lie but I generalized the information to justify the fact. I was partially caught, gave in a tiny bit but kept my stand for the rest.
I accidently caused our main screen to take the familyaccounts off and left only my name on the opening page. To repair, I must unistall client services for netware thanks, pamdhood!
Stephen Mario
it says i can't change the way i get on or off because client services are installed and i didn't install it but i want to uninstall it. but don't know how . So PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!
I am trying to set up Windows Server Update Services, and I have changed the Group Policy to point towards my server, but I still cannot see the computers in the console. When I log in, I don't see anything suggesting that a group policy is being loaded.
I would like to control my Ubuntu desktop from my laptop from something better than Damn Small Linux. Is there a very simple version of VNC? I don't want to simply log in remotely, because the client is incredibly old, and won't be able to run the heavy software.Thanks for any help. ::Brody::
Consider HTML ( in server A) with iframe src (pointing to html in server B). When accessing the server A html from client pc, does the server A obtain the contents of html from B and post it to client or client contacts server B after receiving the html from A? Thanks,Chandra
We went from peer to peer and Implemented Client Server, All works, but due to inactivity or random, Network connections shut down and will not re open. Have to lock the workstation and re log on. Need Help. I know it is a setting but I have looked everywhere
I have a client that is not able to long into her homail account from her computer. I can log on to her account from mine. She gets a timeout error