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I'm looking for a free online cooking class. Many sites say their free, but their BOGUS! I thought the internet was suppose to offer free information on everything. I haven't seen anything free on here in years! I guess the world is full of so much GREED now! that's so sad !
Im looking for bi-polar classes for me . In the state of Kansas
Since I've been involved with our somewhat computer classes at my job, I have wanted to learn all about computers. I'm interested in taking my classes on-line if that might be possible.
It seems every single computer program that has been designed for our convenience is beginning to require a graduate degree in computer science just to read the simple, easy to follow instructions for the software that is so simple a child can use it. Perhaps that is what video games are training children for. "Simply press X ¦ X ? X O ?O ¦ O X ¦ RIGHT 1 LEFT 2 X ?X? X. Then hold X ? ¦ O R1 and R2 along with L1 and L2. The character will punch with his left fist." Do we really have to memorize complicated procedures to perform the simplest tasks? Is that what computers have come to? Do we need a degree in computer science to use the simplest programs?