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There's 380 million of us. Would not that help get the economy back on it's feet much quicker than these silly bailout for the rich who squandered their money needlessly?
I've seen so much anti-this and anti-that... what benefit do you get from saluting a flag if you don't stand for what it represents? I'm very non-poltical but since I'm out of the country I claim as my home, I was asked if I saluted and I don't normally. If I am in a forum where it's called for based on my allegiance to my homeland I probably would but other than that, I don't see the need. I am who I am and I support my country and it's representatives when they act responsibly and appropriately. My loyalty is to doing the right thing at all costs. Does that make me un-patriotic?
Mary Potts
We have a person in my town who gives out a tremendous number of handicap parking tickets to people. This person is not an officer but, calls them self an "advocate". The only problem is that this person regularly gives tickets to people who are legitimately disabled. These people are required by law to come to court no matter how difficult it may be for them. What do you think?
I drive a taxi here in the US, and find it both enjoyable and profitable. But what are the requirements to drive a taxi in Quito? How can I break into it? Is it like New York, where you have to pay thousands for a medallion, or like Phoenix where you can just get a driver's license, train for 2 days, and go to work?