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Jesus Moreno
When i was in School i heard that earth is round; But now i have listened that earth is oval???Also tell me at which path earth revolves around the sun (Circle or Elliptical)?
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Miss Random
The RED circle of DOOM/DEATH can be caused by turning the xbox from vertical to horizontal while the device is powered on, or from old age. I am curious of how many people have encountered this; if so, did you send it in to Microsoft for repairs, (how much did that cost?)
well, would I? where shall I find you if that is not the case?
for alltel cell phones
Tags: circle
missing from it.The first time i ever saw it i thought my other cat had just scratched him but it is again in the same spot and under the same eye.However he is not scratching it and does not seem to bother him.It comes and goes.It is about the size of a pea.Anyone ever hear of this before or possibly know what it is?