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When folks in church give money to help those less fortunate, is that closer to the economic policies of one party or the other? If so, how?
... I am a type of person that is opened minded to almost anything and I even have been invited to certain churches out of kindness and curiosity.. I have been to a few and did not like the way it has been held even the teachings itself.. have you ever been invited to attend church and not like it?..
Redneck Rev
Who would burn a church? Well I know it happens a lot but nobody would make me dislike them that much. Did somebody in that church make some enemies?
Yur Naem
share please. any thing cool happen? how was church?
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I'm looking for a way to set up wireless mics, and speakers for my church. Our system we have now is bulky and very very expensive and impossible to use. Is there a computer based system out there that's relatively easy to use. For right now were not worried about the price, the system installed right now is considerably over $15,000 (excluding speakers) and I find it hard to believe that we could have paid anymore for the crap we've got.