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The Oracle
another opening on the war on new country after another. At home, we have our own terrorists- gangbangers, drug dealers, and youth gone astray. We are sitting on top of the biggest economic powder keg in 50 years, and all of these bailouts amount to nothing more than robbing Peter to pay Paul. India and Pakistan, which hate each other and have almost a fifth of the world's population, are sitting on nuclear weapons neither is afraid to use. Iran wants to blow Israel off the map and vanquish any memory of the United States of does most of radical Islam. It is almost too late to reverse the damage of global warming and pollution.......and the list goes on and on and on......The Oracle- a prophet of doom?......No, just sober, realistic......How much more do you think this planet can take?......Enjoy your Christmas(es?) while you your loved one's and your neighbors for all their worth.......
The Oracle
Catholic (mother) and 50% (father) Greek Orthodox (yeah, I know, a little confusing)...Anyway, we traditionally celebrate BOTH the traditional Christmas of Dec 25 and the one we have coming up in a few days.....Talk about blowing a lot of $ on Christmas, lol, how'd you like to do everything twice?....Then again, there's two dinners, two patries, etc, etc,.....