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Dog owners are crazy​ens-noel.html
Mine got a rawhide bone, which I basted in Au Jus gravy! =)
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Queen S
It's a apple head Chihuahua! I thought she would love her, but now it seems like she really don't care for the dog. So what would be some good advise?
Looks nice and romantic​e-fetes.html
Instead of Merry Christmas?? I get offended when they tell me at the shopping mall "Happy holidays" its Christmas so acknowledge it and if you don't like get it over with........Other religions celebrate different things and if they tell me Happy Hanukkah I say the same to them.............
i feel like the Campbells commercial was around at least 10 or more years. but im not sure.but how old are they? christmas chicken noodle soup commercial M&M Christmas Commercial.
Lets explore the whole season,and what has been to get the Christians to have their myths be so much for our culture.
Do you go all out to decorate your food so it looks good, ( such as paprika on deviled eggs, fancy frosting on cakes. designs on pie crust etc? ) or do you put more emphasis on the preperation and taste of the food. I don't usually brag on myself, but I am a great cook. I don't use up my time on how it looks but how it taste. I have never had a problem with people liking what I cook.
a lot of people bake especially for christmas ....fruit cakes, cookies, squares, tarts...etc.what do you bake? is it a family recipe thats a tradition?