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I like mexican rap/rock, like Molotov and Pitbull-even though I can't understand the majority of the words. I also like christian rap and it's positive messages. I'm looking 4 mexican rap/rock that I don't feel guilty about what I'm not understanding. Does that make any sense at all?
No, this isn't from The Onion! It's real. Honest. NEWPORT BEACH The spiritual leader of a Christian biker club, initially accused by police of conspiring to commit murder for his part in a bloody barroom brawl, was expected to get out of jail this evening after a judge sharply reduced his bail.Prosecutors charged Pastor Phillip Aguilar and two other members of his Set Free Soldiers motorcycle club today with weapons violations and "street terrorism." They charged only one member of the group with attempted murder.​heim?slideshow=1#slComments