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How to add firefox 3 as a second browser ? Using IE7 now and want to have firefox 3 installed as alternative browser .maybe as a choice on start menu or icon somewhere .
I am trying to figure out what kind of processor I want to put in my computer and I am not sure how I should decide... What are some other things I should be looking for in a processor? I do want to be able to pick out an Intel processer though if that makes any difference...
If you had to choose another religion, which one would it be? Why?
See question:​A6BCI remember growing up with my mom in frequent dating relationships, and I could see the flaws and problems with the other person almost immediately.Should our kids be setting us up? Maybe a website... ""From the other side, do you think arranged marriages are such a bad idea? In cultures where it is practiced, there is a higher degree of satisfaction in the marriage. (this is true!) I think the reason for this may be because loving parents match their child to someone who compliments their unique interests and personalities.
academic success? If a child chooses to walk the road less traveled and it is NOT on a self destructive path do you as a parent support them even though this is not what you had dreamed of for them?
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