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Truth Teller Wi†h Ð @ng€l €¥€§
It will be a house dog with lots of space to run outside, and must be fairly easy to keep groomed.
Hairy One
I previously had a weinnawarmer, he was excellent with kids but was not very "protective" (he didn't bark when strangers approached him or the house or any family members).
I have nieces and nephews that visit occasionally and i am thinking about getting a dog, I had small dogs in childhood but have recently been around big to medium dogs and like them more. I am also looking for a dog who would be a good guard dog but has to be good around kids. you know gentle and kind also very smart.
from childrens NDE than he or anyone else from an adult who had an NDE because children haven't been exposed to life's circumstances as much?
Again, would my brothers/sisters be responsible. Who would be responsible or would the debt be written off.I am just considering insurance and stuff.many thanks.
A close friend of mine has lost a nephew who she regarded as one of her own. I can not imagine the pain or grief she is feeling and I would be grateful if someone who has experienced this loss could tell me what made them feel a little less devastated. Thanks.