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Is there anything else i can cook for her that is actually GOOD FOR HER....I'm trying to beafen her up a bit she's not a big eater and she exercises a lot and gets winded easily because she only eats like 12 kibble a day but she loooooves chicken and rice so I'm thinking there must be other healthy things i can cook her that shed like to eat. any ideas?????
Can there be too much chicken in your diet?
Tags: chicken
ham, protein bars, cheese, eggs, protein shakes...)? I'm thinking I get most my protein from chicken... you?
I don't have any answers to the question, but I am not alone when I wonder why we chose the chicken for the joke. Have you ever seen a dead chicken on the side of the road?
remember dinosaurs laid eggs, and i dont recall chickens existing in the prehistoric era, so should the question be, what came first dinosaurs or the egg?
Tags: chicken
This is not a complaint.I enjoy people who speak there mind.Never heard the expression.
i feel like the Campbells commercial was around at least 10 or more years. but im not sure.but how old are they? christmas chicken noodle soup commercial M&M Christmas Commercial.