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another fair any better. People paid down debts-saved the money- but spent only about 12 billion on purchases of the 78 billion rebate checks from the first package. What would make another one any difference for the economy?
I'd love to clean up a database of customer email addresses by having them imported to some kind of online service that can check/send test emails or something to make sure I only have a list of valid emails.
Hi, I need to know where and how I can edit the dictionary program that checks the spelling in my computer because I added a word which was spelt wrongly to my dictionary which checks the spelling in my computer and I want and need to remove it from the dictionary program in my computer.Please help me solve my current problem.Thanks.
Recieved information via e-mail I was hired as a representive to cash checks and wire transfer money to locations via western union less my 10%. I'm thinking this has got to be too good to be true. Has anyone else been scammed by these people? Thanks. Barb