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I'm currently looking for a desktop with Windows Vista Ultimate and I was wondering if there was a consensus on the cheapest options. I'm specifically looking for an HP model and I'm not planning on purchasing from another manufacturer. So, is it supposed to be cheaper if I buy from directly than if I were to buy the desktop at Best Buy, Circuit City, or Costco? The other reason I ask is that not many computers are loaded with Ultimate at the moment, so I don't want to go ahead and buy it from HP just because I want it now and later find it a Best Buy for several $100's less. The only reason I want to buy it from directly is because I'd be able to customize it perfectly, but if there is a cheaper option, I'm willing to take it. What do most people say about prices when comparing direct ordering to retail?
Computergeek Joel
I need a laptop PC that runs faster than a MacBook Pro in benchmark tests. The PC needs to be cheaper (and faster) than the 15-inch MacBook Pro (2.8 GHz processor) ($2799.00).
It's not in good enough condition to drive 700 miles and I hate to sell it because it's an antique.
I've noticed that ever since I replaced the Pirelli tires that came with my Saab 9-3 with a set of new touring tires, and a less "fancy" brand than Pirelli, the car ride has felt smoother and more quieter than before. I still have the old Pirelli's on the back tires - why is the ride so much quieter now? Should I think about replacing the back ones too (even though I probably have about 5-10k mileage left on them)?