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Clint Eastwood
That is, what would one be guilty of if they used a date rape drug on someone or gave them alcohol to make them do something they would not normally do?
The owner of a hardware company has admitted to defrauding the Pentagon out of more than $20m (£10m), in one case charging almost $1m for shipping two washers costing a mere 19 cents. Charlene Corley, who owned hardware equipment supply company C&D Distributors LLC with her sister, the late Darlene Wooten, now faces up to 20 years in prison.Quite the scam, and it went on for ten years!Over a period of nearly 10 years, the firm exploited an automated shipping payment system designed to speed up shipments of goods bound for US forces overseas.Read the rest of the story:,,2150890,00.html
under California's provocation law. Basically, the law says that if you commit a crime that leads to blood shed then you are responsible for the blood shed. Many states have this law and intent of the killings does not have to be proved. Claims of racism are now being brought up, what are your thoughts? Links to two sources for full story:,2933,311894,00.html​l Thanks for answering, Ben
When you consider all that would include, If he were convicted as an adult would he go to an adult prison? Would he do life ?. Could he get death?
Smokin' Joe,2933,519392,00.htmlWhat are your thoughts about this?
Stopped working yesterday, so I bought a new battery and charged battery overnight. Now, the phone will not turn on at all.