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Near the end of the Reagan administration, in October 1987, the stock market lost one quarter of the value of it's market cap, in a single day's trading. In other words, the value of all stocks traded was worth only 75% of what they were worth, the day before. Early the next morning, when the market had not received all the money to cover the loss, the Federal Reserve Chairman was relieved to hear that a bank had offered the NYSE an unauthorized loan, so it could open the next day. The system was saved by the skin of it's teeth. What changes to trading were enacted to prevent a similar occurrence from happening in the future?
Using demand and supply analysis, explain how resources are allocated through changes in price in ...a market economy. Help!
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what i mean is, if a murder was committed, and the killer wasnt discovered til after the laws in the state changed, how are they charged then?would they be charged, with the old laws, since the murder happened before the laws changed? or would they be charged with the new laws?
Do you find that you eat the same foods year round or do you gravitate toward fresh vegetables in the Summer and soups and stews and baked things in the Winter months?
the way i see it is thisthe past, reinforces why scrooges is the way he is.the present, warms his heart enough to become vulnerable.the future, does it in for him, the fear of dying alone, is too much to why do they bother with the past at all? do they do it, just so we could know why he is the way he is?
We have auditing turned on but only for failures. I need to see who made changes to an active directory object recently
Making a new partition for Vista OS on HD :) Want to be safe not sorry .(