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Bargain Seeker
I am glad i didnt buy an HD DVD player but any chance it can come back? Although i know Toshiba announced that it is stopping active development on HD DVD :(
question answered depending on the time of day,how well your known,and wheater or not you have an avatar.
Doctor Woot
at paradise? I know its a bit morbid. But after no sleep for 36 hours my mind is starting too wander, and thought patterns are going all over the place
pull the switch on the electric chair or whatever it is they do. Only you could do it, so either he lives to kill or you become the murderer.
Say he's hanging off a building's edge and about to fall. You decide not to help him up. He loses his grip and drops to his death, while you just stood there and did nothing. What does that make you? Are you just as guilty as the person you didn't save? Could that be considered justice?
Fell free to give us your opinion on how you think that men view this...This was inspired by an answer on another question, where I asked women if they preferred a thinker, or a doer...and most answers indicated that there must be a brain somewhere in the package... :-)So, the question is, "She is beautiful, but a complete brainless ninny, would you marry her?" I don't mean hang out with her for a month or two... but I mean grow old with her...and have her intelligent conversations to warm cold winter evenings when you are older... ;-)
Are there things you would like to see improved? Has the Mayor done a good job or are they just getting by? What are your thoughts? Do you think they are open to new ideas?
been upset by this.Alot are begging qna not to shut down including myself.Lot's of us have even gone so far to sighn a petition as i have and left comments.Do you think as a community we can fight this?