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My domestic policy part 2:4. I would make all crimes against children a federal crime. If convicted of sexually based crimes against children, would be an automatic life sentence if convicted, no possibility of parole. All child murderers convicted would receive an automatic death sentence. Which would include a 3 strikes appeals. After 3 appeals, a date will be selected for your death sentence.5. Murder would also be declared a federal crime. Sentence, penalty and appeals for murderers, would be the same as for child killers.6. Mandatory drug rehab programs, including education for lesser convicts on both the State and Federal level. You must complete all required programs, including education and job training programs before any release or parole. This also includes convicted juveniles.7. Juveniles who commit adult crimes, including all violent crimes as well as murder and sex crimes, will be tried as adults, No exceptions!
Ace Investor
I am doing this biotech challenge that entails a team of 4 or less to discover/invent something to benefit humans. This could be anything from gene research, apparatus' for health or anything under the sun more related to health sciences. Any ideas? We have access to full research labs and are funded, we just need some creative ideas!
How would you explain Schrodinger's Cat in no more than 1000 words?
What question or statement would you postulate in order to stimulate their intellectual reasoning capability(ies), and why ? Remember.. the playing field is wide open for any and all subject matter(s) of query and response. And that you need must be as forthright in this/that postulation; because, it was a sincere challenge itself that is/was asked of you by your male/female friend/lover ?
I am not one to order people around so I am requesting your help... I NEED a list of customers/clients of the Schlumberger Oil company... this is a matter of the utmost importance!I appreciate your help!